Class Action Litigation

Our attorneys at Smolen and Roytman, PLLC not only successfully represent consumers, investors, employees, and other clients with their individual claims, but the attorneys also thoroughly search beyond to determine how many others may have been affected by the wrongdoing of the entity. Undoubtedly the saying stands true in that there is power in numbers.

We have outstanding success in dealing with issues involving, but not limited to

  • Employment issues including compliance with wage and hour laws, harassment, discriminatory hiring or pay, hostile workplaces and other matters that are against state or federal law
  • Civil rights issues regarding race, color, gender, and age
  • Insurance fraud and bad faith
  • Defective products
  • Environmental issues such as preventing pollution and maintaining clean water
  • Finance issues concerning predatory lending, breaches of securities law (i.e. fraud), and misconduct
  • Dangerous drugs and pharmaceutical devices

The firm has experience building strong class action suits in both Oklahoma and nationwide to ensure that every person is rightfully compensated for the harmful acts of the entity. Secondary to providing every person full compensation, we pursue policy goals to make certain that the wrongful acts do not repeat.

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