Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect

Deciding where to place your loved one in a nursing home is one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make. You visit, research, and take the time to talk with family and friends. Still, every day senior adults across the country are made victims. Neglect and abuse of the elderly is at epidemic proportions across the United States. Nursing homes are making millions of dollars of the “Baby Boomer” generation, yet the quality of services provided to our loved ones continues to decline. Make no mistake; nursing home neglect and abuse is on the rise. Approximately 1,800 deaths occur each year due to nursing home neglect and abuse.

There is help!

The experienced attorneys at Smolen & Roytman, PLLC, can see to it that your loved one suffers no further injuries or damage. We can guide you through the reporting process, including notifying the nursing home administrator and filing a complaint with the state. We will obtain facts and evidence critical to proving liability (fault) against the Nursing Home and its employees. Most importantly, we will see to it that your loved one is placed into immediate safety, away from those that have caused the harm.

Nursing home abuse is a difficult issue to face. Neglect and abuse exist in many forms and does not always give rise to physical injuries that are apparent to everyday people. Many victims are frail and vulnerable. As a result, they are often unable to protect themselves or seek needed help.

Types of Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in nursing homes occurs when actual, physical force is used to cause harm against a loved one. This often times will include hitting and inappropriate use of physical restraints, however, it is not uncommon for physical abuse to be done in the form of scratching, shoving, and even biting. This type of abuse typically exhibits the most readily apparent warning signs.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional nursing home neglect and abuse occur when a caregiver or nursing home employee causes psychological damage to a victim. Emotional abuse may result from ridicule and humiliation, intimidation, terrorizing, or ignoring an elderly loved one.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual nursing home neglect and abuse occur when a nursing home staff member or resident make an unwanted sexual advance or contact with a loved one. The Elderly or mentally challenged are often subjected to sexual abuse as the result of coercion, manipulation, or forcibly made to participate in the sexual act.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a form of elderly neglect and abuse that is often times overlooked. Stealing money or personal property are common forms of elder financial abuse. Additionally, financial abuse can occur when a caregiver or other nursing home employee tricks or pressures an elderly loved one into divulging private information, such as bank account and credit card numbers. Financial abuse also occurs when a victim is coerced to modify a deed, will, or trust for the benefit of another, usually an employee of the nursing home.

Types of Injuries


If a loved one in the care of a hospital or nursing home dies or is injured, as the result of neglect from the employees of the facility, your family is entitled to compensation. Wrongful death occurs frequently in nursing homes across the United States. Wrongful death can occur as a result of dehydration, malnutrition, abuse, severe infection/sepsis, wrong/excessive medication and more.


Decubitus ulcers (“bedsores”) are the most common type of injury seen as the result of nursing home neglect and abuse. Bedsores, also known as pressure sores, can happen within hours if the nursing home staff are not properly educated on methods of prevention. These injuries are very serious and can even become life-threatening if not treated properly.


Malnutrition is a condition that is caused by the lack of proper nutrients from food. Malnutrition is often times seen in loved ones that are unable to feed themselves or have a difficult time chewing and swallowing different types of food.


Dehydration results from the lack of water. Often times patients are not given proper amounts of water on a daily basis, either orally or through an intravenously (“IV”) and dehydration occurs.

Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a form of abuse that many forget about. However, poor hygiene is often times the result of poor care from nursing home staff. Staff members are supposed to ensure that patients are on a formal cleaning schedule where they are bathed and washed regularly. When this does not happen, neglect and abuse have occurred.


Infections are very common injuries in nursing homes. Many times infections are preventable when treated with proper care. Unfortunately, many infections are overlooked or misdiagnosed by nursing home staff. Infections such as sepsis can even cause death. Sepsis infections occur when certain chemicals that are released into the blood to fight an infection spark inflammation throughout the entire body. If septic shock occurs it can often time be fatal for a loved one.

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