After eight days and more than nine hours of deliberation, the five-man, two-woman federal jury found former Tulsa County sheriff, Stanley Glanz, guilty for creating an environment in the Tulsa County Jail that violated an inmate’s civil rights.  The jury determined on Wednesday, March 2, that a 23-year-old woman’s civil rights were violated when she was repeatedly sexually assaulted at the Tulsa Jail over a four-month period in 2010.

Partner Dan Smolen, attorney for the woman, said after the verdict, “I don’t care if they gave her a dollar or a million dollars; the jury found that they violated her constitutional rights.”

Dan said this sends the right message to change attitudes at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s that kind of arrogance and that kind of apathy that has the Sheriff’s Office in the position that it is in today,” Smolen said. “This case just wasn’t about her.”

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*image and video from Tulsa World