The Daily Beast interviewed Partner Daniel Smolen regarding the shooting of Eric Harris and the corruption of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office and Stanley Glanz. Smolen, an attorney for the Harris family, said he’s filed many lawsuits against the Tulsa Sheriff’s Office and the corruption goes beyond Glanz and Robert Bates, a former reserved deputy of the office.

“I’ve been litigating the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office since I’ve been in my late 20s,” Smolen told The Daily Beast. “Not because I wanted to but for whatever reason, I became involved with it in employment cases. It grew from disgruntled employees … to Eric Harris.”

“When Eric Harris was shot, we came out publicly and said we’re going to show you what happens when you try to cover up a bad shooting,” he said. “We weren’t just talking about that shooting … [or] Robert Bates or Stanley Glanz.

“We were talking about how, for a decade, this was a corrupt—and corrupt to the core—sheriff’s office.”

Robert Bates will head to trail this April, one year after he allegedly mistook his personal handgun for a Taser and fatally shot Eric Harris.

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