There are still 21 open Civil Rights Violations Cases against Stanley Glanz

Earlier this month a federal jury found former Tulsa County sheriff Stanley Glanz liable for creating an environment in the Tulsa County Jail that violated an inmate’s civil rights.

This is unheard of for Oklahoma, and there are more civil rights lawsuits on the way for Glanz. The plaintiff’s attorney, Partner Daniel Smolen, said, “I mean, a year ago Stanley Glanz was the most popular elected official in the state of Oklahoma.”

In this case, the jury determined that a 23-year-old woman’s civil rights were violated when she was repeatedly sexually assaulted at the Tulsa County Jail over a four-month period in 2010.

While this case involved just one former inmate, there are still 21 other open civil rights violations against Glanz involving dead or injured inmates, African-American employees, and allegations of excessive force.

*image and video from News on 6