Smolen, Smolen and Roytman lawyers spoke at a press conference on Monday, April 13 discussing the media releases and claims made by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) regarding the fatal shooting of Eric Harris.

TCSO made a public statement that they did not have any contact with the Harris family after the shooting, which is false. Andre Harris, Eric’s brother, was approached by a TCSO employee on April 3, the day after the shooting, which is shown by video footage during the conference.

Andre Harris said he was asked by a TCSO sheriff’s office employee if he hired a lawyer saying, “Well if you hire a lawyer it will slow this process down. What we want to do is speed it up. If you hire a lawyer it will gump things up.”

The press conference also covers the weapons used on April 2. “I think that if Mr. Bates had been trained at all, which I believe will be reflected ultimately through the lack of records to substantiate his training, that an officer who is trained would never get these two weapons confused,” says Dan Smolen.

Watch the April 13 press conference here.

*image and video from KRJH