The Manos’ estate, represented by Dan Smolen and Smolen & Roytman attorneys, reached a $3.2 million settlement for the death of Michael Manos in the Carter County jail after he did not receive his insulin. The case turned when jail medication logs that previously were deemed missing were discovered in storage at a funeral home.

Rather than Manos’ rejecting his insulin, as claimed by jail officials, the missing records showed that jail personnel actually never offered his diabetes medication to him, Smolen said.

“No amount of money could replace Ms. Bennett’s only son, and her best friend, Michael,” Attorney Dan Smolen said. “But continuing to go through the trial process, and hearing testimony every day about the unfathomable suffering her son endured in his last days at the Carter County Jail, would have been extremely difficult.

In light of all the circumstances, Ms. Bennett felt that settlement was appropriate. Through the litigation process, Ms. Bennett had her questions answered as to what happened to her son. Through this settlement, she feels some measure of justice and closure. Now, she can go on with the rest of her life, resolute that she fought hard for Michael when he could no longer fight for himself.”

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