Newly released video obtained by The Frontier catches former Tulsa County reserve deputy Robert Bates holding a Taser and a gun over an unarmed, restrained man just weeks before he shot and killed Eric Harris. This encounter is another instance in which Bates failed to fill out paperwork after “presenting” or using a weapon.

News on 6 and The Frontier covered the bodycam footage for the first time this week. In the footage, from March 12, 2015 at 7:30 a.m., Bob Bates is on the frontline of the task force standing over the suspect holding a Taser. Seconds later you see Bates switch his Taser to his left hand and, with his right hand, reach for his gun. The video was taken three weeks before Bates was charged with shooting and killing Eric Harris on April 2, 2015.

Today, ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America covered this new development on the Robert Bates case.

In the ABC segment shown below, Partner Dan Smolen is interviewed saying this new video reveals a pattern showing Bates was eager to use his weapon.

“It is not a rapidly evolving situation like they tried to describe with the Eric Harris shooting. Here is a situation where this individual has already been detained but yet Mr. Bates feels it is necessary to draw all kinds of weapons in a situation that does not call for it.”

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