April 27, 2015


The resignation of Undersheriff Tim Albin is an important step in the necessary change of leadership at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office (“TCSO”). However, Sheriff Glanz and Tom Huckeby must also resign. Sheriff Glanz should not be permitted to use Mr. Albin as a scapegoat.

As the 2009 Internal Affairs Report makes clear, Sheriff Glanz was well of aware of the issues with Bob Bates’ training, inappropriate behavior and the enhanced risks that Mr. Bates posed to the public. Yet, as TCSO admits, Sheriff Glanz took no action. Rather, Sheriff Glanz sat by and allowed Sgt. Randy Chapman and Sgt. Eric Kitch to be intimidated and marginalized for simply trying to do their jobs. Indeed, there is evidence that Sheriff Glanz actively participated in covering up Mr. Bates’ lack of necessary training. Ultimately, Sheriff Glanz is responsible for the corruption within the TCSO. It is time for him, and Major Huckeby, to go. It is time for new leadership, reform and reconciliation.

If Sheriff Glanz will not willingly resign, the Board of County Commissioners must press the issue and take action to oust him from office.