May 27, 2015

We are aware that Sheriff Glanz plans to have an outside organization conduct an assessment “of the entire Sheriff’s Office with the goal of improving performance, efficiency, accountability, and public safety services for the citizens of Tulsa County.” We have little confidence that such a review will be truly independent or meaningful.

First, any “outside” assessment will be paid for by Tulsa County. Second, and more importantly, the contractor will be selected by Sheriff Glanz’s professional and political cronies, including TCSO “Government Affairs Director” Terry Simonson. Mr. Simonson has been a vocal advocate of Sheriff Glanz, repeatedly making apologies for Sheriff Glanz, and deflecting any blame from him, in connection with the fallout from the Bob Bates scandal. Sheriff Glanz himself has refused to shoulder any responsibility for the corruption within his office, choosing instead to throw his former friends under the bus.

So long as Sheriff Glanz and Mr. Simonson are involved in the assessment process, there is no reason for anyone to have confidence that it will be anything other than another attempt to shift blame and to seek political cover.