April 22, 2015

For weeks, we have been saying that Bob Bates’ training records were falsified, and that the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was acting to cover it up.

For weeks, we have been saying that Bob Bates did not have the requisite field training to be an advanced reserve deputy. In response, TCSO has flatly denied the allegations, called our credibility into questions, as well as the credibility of our sources.

We are confident the report that aired tonight is uncovering the truth; that is, Bob Bates was not adequately trained, TCSO acted to cover this up, and TCSO knowingly and dangerously allowed an undertrained and under qualified 73-year-old insurance executive to play cop.

It is our belief that Eric Harris would be alive today if TSO had not cut corners and broken the rules to put a crony out on the streets.