Daniel Roytman


Daniel Roytman has a fierce tenacity and conviction in representing his clients. He has devoted his career to protecting the rights of his clients, often against powerful governmental and corporate entities. He has been involved in several notable cases, including commercial semi-truck accidents, bad faith claims against major insurance corporations and a collective class action lawsuit against powerhouse oil companies.


Daniel received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-Criminology from the University of Oklahoma and his J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. After attending law school in San Diego, Daniel realized that he belonged back in Tulsa. Daniel is proud to call himself an Oklahoman.


Born in Far Rockaway, New York, Daniel, the younger brother of firm partner Oleg Roytman, was the first of his family, Ukrainian immigrants, born a United States citizen. Having fled Ukraine due to the lack of civil rights and government corruption, Daniel and Oleg were raised in a family culture that emphasized an appreciation for the civil rights and liberties that citizens of the United States are granted, and to take nothing for granted. Daniel’s first language was Russian, and his unique cultural upbringing is instrumental in how he fights for his clients.